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The Association of Fundraising Professionals (AFP) serves the public
trust by promoting ethical and effective fundraising.  AFP members are guided in their
ethical decision making by the AFP Code of Ethical Principles and Standards, which is
grounded in a set of values that fundraisers aspire to honor in their lives and work. 
When these values are evident in our fundraising practice, we believe that our work
leads to integrity in our personal, professional, organizational and public lives.

An ethical fundraiser aspires to:  observe and adhere to the AFP Code and all relevant
laws and regulations; build personal confidence and public support by being trustworthy
in all circumstances; practice honesty in relationships; be accountable for professional,
organizational and public behavior; be transparent and forthcoming in all dealings;
and be courageous in serving the public trust.

We strive to live out these values, which are at the heart of our public character as
philanthropic fundraisers, and to grow in our ethical understanding and practice.

You’re not just a fundraiser. You’re a catalyst for change. Philanthropy doesn’t just happen. 
It requires knowledge, confidence and a well-maintained toolkit to bring hearts, minds and
resources together for the greater good. This conference is your opportunity to sharpen
your focus and skills, and to amass knowledge that will bring immediate impact to your

Join us in Boston for three days of listening, learning and laughter among the greatest
thought-leaders in international fundraising and philanthropy. You’ll come away inspired,
invigorated and more certain than ever that fundraising is the hardest job you’ll ever love.


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ieCapaciteria - A Community Resource

ieCapaciteria connects professionals, volunteers and organizations to resources available to strengthen the Inland Empire’s nonprofit sector.

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Membership Meetings

The 3rd Tuesday of each month 
(Dark in January and July)

Time: 11 am until 1 pm

2/16 Funders' Roundtable




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